How we work

How we work depends to some extent on the session type you choose: some things are common while others are adapted to the chosen method.

Woman receiving hands-on healing, Spiritual Healing

Hands-on Healing

When you book an appointment with us from the Hands-on Healing page, we will contact you via text message or email to ask you to provide some personal details, name and date of birth, etc. When we receive your details we will provide you our address and also some instructions.

Prior to your Session we’ll spend approximately 30 minutes connecting with and exploring your unique energies. We use the details you provided to ensure we connect to the correct person. This preparation allows us to create a personalised Healing Session tailored to your specific needs.


During the Healing Session we will discuss the issues concerning you and find solutions to resolve them. We will also teach you energy raising activities to practice at home.

After this discussion you will be asked to lie down fully dressed on our comfortable healing table.

While you safely relax we will heal your energy body.

The duration of a Hands-On Healing Session is about 2 hours, however we are flexible and will give you as much time as it is necessary.

The fee can be paid in cash at the end of the session, or otherwise by PayPal or bank transfer in advance.


Online Skype Healing

Once you book your chosen program from the Online Skype Healing page, we will contact you via email and ask you some personal details and your Skype address. You should create a Skype account if you don’t already have one (go to to sign up, it is free).

We will also send you a list of questions for you to answer, which will help us tailor your sessions to your needs. Using your provided details, we will connect with and explore your energies to further tailor your program.

If a meet-and-greet session is included in your program, the date and time for this will be arranged. During the meet-and-greet suitable times will be arranged for the Sessions. Otherwise the times for the Skype Healing Sessions are organised.

A good internet connection and enough time set aside will ensure the success of your Online Skype Healing Sessions.


Offline Distance Healing

When you book a Distance Healing Program we will contact you asking your details and sending a list of questions. We will also arrange a healing plan considering times that suit you.

The distance healing sessions are usually conducted at your bedtime, when you are preparing to sleep. You may feel the energies and will drift off into a relaxing sleep.