House Clearing

We will travel to your Home or Business to clear it and restore the balance

Your dwelling – your sanctuary – your space.

Your cozy place to call home.

Inside, you want to  feel safe and relaxed. able to recharge and replenish your energies. It’s a spot to enjoy the company of your family, friend and pets.

We decorate and set up our home to lift our spirits and make ourselves comfortable. It’s where we take a break from the outside world to nourish ourselves. 

As we keep adding new things and fixing up old ones, we change and grow, and our home changes along with us.

We want to be proud of our personal haven, a unique space that we have created for us.


Your Home Needs Clearing

A slightly spooky house

When the energy of your dwelling becomes stagnant and disturbed, it is often because you or your family have been going through negative events in your life. These can vary from mild to heavy incidents such as: arguments, divorce, alcohol and drug abuse, and death

For instance, you may have had a big argument and hopefully you have now moved on, but unfortunately the energy of the incident is still trapped in your home. The trapped energy continues to influence you negatively. 

Similarly, business spaces can be impacted by discord and arguments between coworkers and customers.

During the House Clearing or Business Clearing, we remove all the negative energies and restore balance and clarity. 

We use a very powerful ancient space clearing ritual. The negative energies are called out and crossed over to the higher realm to be taken care of.

The Clearing is followed by house blessing to anchor the positive change.


House Clearing makes a huge difference

If any of the following apply to your home or business;

  • you want to sell
  • you have purchased new home or business space 
  • your home feels uncomfortable
  • it feels heavy and cold
  • your mood is drained it feels depressing and sad
  • you are constantly arguing
  • relaxing is difficult
  • you are sick more often
  • it is a strenuous to keep it clean
  • there are strange sounds, flickering lights and an uneasy feeling that you are not alone
  • smudge sticks and incense have no effect

We Can Help You!

A home or business clearing takes between 60 minutes and several hours and costs between AUD 360 and 600 depending on travel distance and complexity.

Contact us to proceed with your individual case.