The Ultimate Beach Healing Experience

Dive into your Healing Bliss

Relax to the rhythmic sounds of the ocean, while experiencing an extraordinary and uplifting

 Beach Healing Experience.

Imagine yourself in the gentle sunlight lying comfortably on a soft beach blanket. You are protected by a beach shelter, taking in the soothing  surroundings and being completely relaxed. Let your mind and body be taken on a journey to calm and inner peace. Dive deep into a blissful, unforgettable experience while recharging and rejuvenating on every level.

Experience leaving stress and heaviness behind

to never look back.


What to Expect

As you are resting relaxed on the pristine beach I will gently remove all the negative energies and blockages that have been weighing you down. 

The feeling of relaxation and lightness will enter deeper into your body.

I will channel the healing energies as you begin to reconnect to your Inner Strength.

Once your negative energies are removed, I will balance your chakras and establish an energy flow that will continue to further nurture your body, mind and spirit.

After The Beach Healing Experience the feeling of joy and calm will re-energise you and keep you refreshed and in love with life.   

A bright new chapter in the book of your life begins.


This is what you get in your Holiday Healing Experience

1 Hour Energy Healing  

1 Hour of powerful but easy activities   

1 Hour practice in real life 

1 Afternoon refreshment 

1 Booklet with activities and goodness  

1 Hour Skype Healing Session  

   when you get back home 

              Total AUD 625

Aneta usually conducts the Beach Healings between 2 and 5 pm in area of  Byron Bay, Northern Rivers or Gold Coast beaches, such as New Brighton, Casuarina , Kingscliff, Palm Beach, Burleigh Heads or Surfers Paradise .