About Us

A little bit about us: Aneta and Paul are a wife and husband healing team who conduct a successful Spiritual Healing practice in Crystal Creek, New South Wales, Australia.

We are committed to providing the best healing services to clients locally and around the world. The methods we use are powerful, extraordinary and unique. The modalities used create positive tangible results that last.

The healings are conducted in a safe and comfortable atmosphere which is especially created for each client and allows for deep transformation.


About Us - Aneta

Spiritual Healer Aneta on the steps

Aneta was born in a village in the Carpathian Mountains in the south of Poland.

“I come from a long line of psychics on my maternal side, with both my mother and grandmother having psychic abilities.

These psychic gifts were passed on to me and I now wish to share them with you.”

Aneta came to Australia 12 years ago to practice traditional spiritual healing, sharing her gift to enable others to find their potential and fulfill their dreams.

Aneta offers energy and spiritual healing, spirit crossover, distance healing, space clearing and pet healing.

She speaks English, Polish, and German

About Us - Paul

Paul sitting during session

Paul was born and grew up in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales. His family have been in the area since the mid 1800’s.

“I am well acquainted with many facets of the healing arts and I am looking forward to helping you.

My unique energies are here to heal you.”

Having a long interest in healing, Paul has studied spiritual healing with Alex Telman, one of Australia’s foremost healers.

Paul offers energy and spiritual healing, spirit crossover, distance healing and hypnosis sessions.

He speaks English and German.



Although sceptical at first, soon I couldn’t get enough.

I felt calm and peaceful straight way.


I haven’t felt this light and joyful in ages.

I’ve found my inner Joy again.


Thank you for the help during the difficult time. it makes so much difference to have your amazing healing support.


I am so grateful for the positive change in my life. I am eating better, sleeping better and my overall well-being has improved greatly. Thank you so much.


You worked wonders with me. There are no voices or vibrations going through my body at all. It’s been bliss. Thank you.



Since the healing began the opportunities that I have been trying for 30y years have started to manifesting.  Thank you


Thank you for getting rid of that entity. It is so cool you can do that. It is no wonder I couldn’t get any sales. I am feeling so much better and happier. I am connecting with people much more easily.


Thanks, I am well, doing the exercises. This is a crucial time in my life, where I have to be strong against the negative. The healing is really helping. 


It really works and the healing changed my life. At first sceptical I am now motivated and focused again.