Paul Portrait Spiritual Healer Hypnosis

Hypnosis allows access to the subconscious levels of your mind, where your thought patterns are deeply ingrained. Unfortunately these patterns are primarily fear-based, because it’s the mind’s job to keep us safe from danger.

During a hypnosis session these negative thought patterns can be replaced by new, positive patterns. The new patterns can be anything you like, such as self-confidence, success, to change addictive behaviour, etc.

Prior to the session we will have a discussion about which patterns you would like to change, and the session will be prepared specifically for your issues.

During the session you may sit or lie down as you please, while I lead you into a state of deep relaxation. During this relaxed state I will then communicate the new programs verbally into your subconscious.

Sessions can be conducted in person in our Healing Studio or via Skype video call. Paul usually conducts the hypnosis sessions.

A session lasts approximately 45 minutes and costs AUD 150.

Spiritual Healing and Hypnosis complement each other, with the first clearing out the old energies, and the second setting up new thought patterns for the future. Combined sessions are available and cost AUD 270, a saving of AUD 60 over separate sessions.

Book your session via PayPal below, or if you prefer a session in person and wish to pay on the day, contact us via the Contact page.