Hands-On Healing

We offer Hands-on Spiritual Healing in our Healing Studio located in Crystal Creek, Northern NSW, Australia.

Our Spiritual Healings include an age old method for removing curses and releasing entities, as well as clearing your stagnant negative energies. Once freed of these degrading influences, your outlook will improve dramatically. This in turn will allow you to lead a better and more joyful life, and even to find and fulfill your life purpose.

Each session starts with a conversation about your current situation, during which your chosen healer, either Aneta or Paul, will give you insights into your energies. He or she will also discuss with you the issues you are facing and what energies need to be healed.

We will then teach you energy raising activities to take home, which will keep your energies high after the healing.

Spiritual Healer Healing Room

Hands-on Healing in Our Healing Studio

We now move to the healing table. You will be invited to lie down face up on the healing table and the Hands-on Healing is started. Your Healer will conduct the healing energy through their hands into your body by either touch or holding their hand slightly above your body. The touch is always gentle and appropriate and is applied to the head, torso, arms and feet.


Remarkable Experience

Energy Healing

As the Healing proceeds you will become very relaxed, so just lie back and enjoy the experience. You may feel the energy moving or you may not, it is very individual. 

While you are lying comfortably and relaxed on the healing table, your healer will remove all the negative energies, clear blockages and rebalance your chakras, bringing back your vitality and love for life. A feeling of lightness follows with a calm mind and you often experience new found joy, beauty and inner peace.


Spiritual Healing

Healing difficult long lingering Energies such as Entity, Curses, Black Magic and other Attachments and Heavy Energetical Burdens from the Past

During  the Spiritual Healing energy healing your healer will clear the different energy centres and then dive deeper to remove  any curses and release any entities which may be present. Black magic is real, and its users are able to place curses on people and things. We will free you of any curses placed upon you

Entities are typically spirits, such as lost souls, which have attached to your energy body. Going through a difficult time in your life and addictions to alcohol or drugs might have made you vulnerable to the spirit attachment. We are will release the attachment(s) and cross them over to the spirit realm/heaven.

If curses or spiritual attachments are present, 3 sessions are normally required to completely remove all traces and restore and balance your own natural energies. The sessions are usually scheduled 1 or 2 weeks apart, but can be sooner if need it.

The Hands on Spiritual Healing Session takes around 2 hours or longer.

This spiritual healing session is designed to address and alleviate persistent and challenging energetic issues, including entities, curses, black magic, and other lingering attachments stemming from past experiences.

Spiritual and Energy Healing costs AUD 180 per session.

Hands-on Healing Session AUD 180

Couples Healing Session

This is an opportunity for you and a partner, family member, or friend to reap the benefits together. The healing session will be tailored to suit your unique needs, enabling both of you to undergo healing, either consecutively with one healer or in tandem with both Aneta and Paul, while also enjoying a reduced fee.

The Couples Spiritual and Energy Healing costs AUD 300 per session.


We will not watch the clock and you will get as much time as you need to heal.


Note that we do not have EFTPOS facilities, therefore payment is preferred by cash, or bank transfer arranged in advance, or via the following PayPal button. Note that PayPal payments accept credit and debit cards – you do not need a PayPal account.

Couples Hands-on Healing Session. AUD 300

Upon booking we will send you our exact address. We are located approximately 40 minutes from the Gold Coast airport, 55 minutes from Byron Bay and just 15 minutes from Murwillumbah.

If you are visiting us from further afield, please check out http://rome2rio.com or a similar travel site or Google for train, plane and bus connections.


Stay with Us

We also have accommodation available at our property, and we offer special rates for combined healing and accommodation packages. See our Holiday Healing  page for more details.