Holiday Healing


Turbo charge your Holidays and make the most of your time. The Holiday Healing Session is an opportunity for you to experience the most powerful spiritual and energy healing. The Healing  will give you tangible positive results in a very short time. Once negative energies and blockages are removed and your energy body is nicely balanced, you will feel a noticeable shift. Your energies will be clear and flowing with freshness and vitality. You will feel very different – light, unburdened and more adventurous.

The Holiday Healing aims for you to experience more joy and more fun during your free time. Even more, you will find that you see people around you with a more calmness and understanding. This transformation of your energies will allow for much deeper connections to others. You will find yourself focusing on goodness instead on the shortcomings. 

Not only you will turbo charge your Holiday but you will take that wonderful experience home. 

Holiday Couples Healing


The most powerful and time efficient Holiday Healing Couple Session is conducted by two healers at the same time. 

During the 2 hour Couples Healing Session we both tend to your specific needs.

The Couples Healing Session starts with short and powerful Activities to keep your energies high every day. Next, your negative energies and blockages are removed, followed by balancing your energy systems as well as boosting your natural original energies.

This results in you feeling light, joyful and calm. 

You will discover more richness in each other and a feel deeper intimate connection. 

Opening up to each other and communicating in a calm and much more relaxed manner. 

This is truly the start of a new chapter where you take the extraordinary holiday feeling of fun and joy home and never look back.

Holiday Healing for Singles

Whether you’re single or your partner is occupied with other interests, this 1.5 hour Healing  Session will lift you off your feet.

The Holiday Healing Session aims to maximize and intensify your holiday experience. By reconnecting you to your natural, playful energies, it allows for more fun and joy. The clearing and balancing of your energy system will enhance feelings of relaxation and inner calm.

The powerful tools provided during your Holiday Healing ensure a lasting and enriching experience that will overflow far beyond that Healing Session. Positively influencing your whole being and strengthening your connection to others. 

we invite you to embrace this opportunity to rejuvenate your energies  and make the most out of your holidays.


Embracing a new experience

Leisure time holds a special place in our hearts. It may be planned or spontaneous, but either way, we cherish it. Escaping from routine for an adventure brings pure delight. Meeting new people and immersing in fresh surroundings fills us with joy. These experiences captivate our senses, allowing us to savor the moment and forget all else, even if just temporarily. We hold onto the hope that this carefree feeling will linger, leaving us with lasting memories of bliss. After the break often too soon we get back to our routine and forget how relaxed and happy we were. 

Embrace the new experiences and consider booking a Holiday Healing session to make your holiday last. Let the rejuvenating effects carry over, leaving you with lasting memories of bliss and a refreshed outlook on life.

Booking your Holiday Healing

To book your Hoilday Healing Experience, first consider what dates you want to visit and then check the availability of our accommodation. We have a treehouse and a red cabin, both are listed in “”HipCamp, the major camping and glamping booking site”. We have set a 2 night minimum, so please consider this when booking. The accommodation is often booked on weekends, so it may be easier to find available dates during the week. The following link will take you to the listing:

Treehouse and Red Cabin Listing

Once your accommodation is booked, please contact us for your healing appointment, letting us know that you are staying in the treehouse for the reduced healing rate. The Holiday Healing rate is AUD 98 for singles and AUD 180 for a couples healing session, a reduction from 180 and 300 respectively, and can be paid at the session.

If your dates are less than 2 weeks ahead, please contact us first to make certain healing appointments are also available.