Outline of man with chakras, Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing cleanses, repairs and rebalances the energy body, which surrounds and permeates the physical body. Our own and others’ negative emotions can impact our energy bodies, and if left unresolved these negative influences can have consequences for our mind, soul and body.

A major feature of the energy body are the energy centres along the spine called chakras. Each chakra is associated with a different part of our physical and emotional bodies. The chakras can suffer blockages or get out of balance, and a key part of energy healing is to unblock and rebalance the chakras.

Blocked or out of balance chakras, as well as other energetic disturbances, can lead to feelings of low energy, unshakeable tiredness, depression, anxiety and more. Blockages in your chakras can also cause blockages in the related area of your life, e.g. a blocked heart chakra could prevent finding a partner.

Another important facet of Spiritual Healing is the removal of curses and entities, or spiritual attachments. We are well practiced in the removal of curses and the release and crossing-over of spiritual attachments.

We offer a number of modalities to suit your needs as described below:

Ways to experience your Healing

Computer and Air pods

Face-to-Face Online Skype

During an online healing either Aneta or Paul engages with you in a video call via Skype. The healing energies are transferred across space and time.

Woman receiving healing treatment

Hands-on Healing

In a Hands-on Healing session, you attend our Healing Studio in person. Aneta or Paul conduct a traditional "laying on of hands" while you lie relaxed on a massage table.

Hands sending coloured energy

Distance Healing

Distance Healing is performed offline, where you are relaxing while the healing is performed at a distance.

Click or tap on the photos for more details of each experience. Whichever experience you choose, Aneta or Paul will clear your energy body of negative energies and unblock and rebalance your chakras. You will like feel new again.

More Healing Services

In addition to the above healing services on people, we also do our Spiritual work on pets and on spaces, such as your home or business.

Happy healed cat and dog

Healing for your Pets

Our furry companions are part of our families and they deserve the best. Pet healing sessions provide the benefits of Spiritual Healing to your pets. Aneta conducts the energy sessions on cats and dogs and even horses at a distance.

A horse-drawn gypsy wagon

Home or Business Clearing

Your home or business can collect negative energy and even have a curse placed on it. Clearing removes the negative energy and banishes curses.