Healing Seminar

The Healing Seminar welcomes individuals from all walks of life, who are eager to unlock their full potential and get more out of life.

It is practical, clear, and to the point. You will receive step-by-step instructions packed with informative and practical content, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your inner world.

The unproductive thought habits which are getting in your way will become clear to you. Everything suddenly makes sense, and the newly gained knowledge creates a new and fresh outlook, leading to an uplifting and more fulfilling future.

During the Healing Seminar, the theory is kept to a minimum. The main focus is on the extraordinary tools you take home.

Feel Amazing Every Day

Man enjoying life following the healing seminar

Overcome Your Unresolved Negative Thinking

Imagine waking up every morning feeling amazing and in love with your life. 

Living your life to the fullest while at the same time standing up to life’s challenges and staying calm. As everything around you keeps changing and some situations might be confronting and challenging, you still manage effortlessly. You could say: As the tornado of life throws others out of balance, you are safe in its eye working on your next step with the unwavering knowledge that there is more and you are strong and good enough to get it. Moreover, your new uplifting attitude and energy will help others to make their own way through.

It is your winning ticket, your search is over. This amazing skill set is now within your reach. The unique “Feel Amazing Every Day” personal development Seminar is extraordinary and immensely valuable. It is one of the best investments you will ever make. 

Powerful Method

In just 1 hour of Seminar you will gain the understanding of the negative destructive and unresolved thoughts which have wiped your happiness out. In easy and comfortable steps you will experience and master an extremely powerful method to conquer your negative thinking.  

The techniques given are easily incorporated into your busy schedule and they are very time efficient. 


They can be implemented anytime, anywhere and without anybody noticing, apart from the positive impact on yourself and even on others around you.

The revolutionary method developed over many years of practice consists of number of practical Activities, which will conquer your negative thoughts and raise your energies daily.

The Activities give you more control over your mind and let it work in your favour, allowing you to unlock your full potential and get more out of life.

Simple, yet powerful techniques that put you in charge.

The Healing Seminar gives you all the information you need to make it through life’s challenges, with a smile on your face and the thirst for more.

Book “Feel Amazing Everyday” now for only AUD 99. It will set you free.


Part Two - Feel Amazing Every Day Healing Meditation

Woman enjoying life after the healing seminar

Take it to the next level, with the one-on-one 

Feel Amazing Every Day Healing Meditation

Lean back, relax and let the Knowledge sink deeper into yourself, while being transported into the space of healing in the safety of your home. 

During the Healing Meditation, I will remove any negative energies that are weighing you down, and I will boost your natural playful and youthful energies. The activities learned in Part One are integrated during the meditation so they are easy accessible to you.

Through the Healing Meditation your new joyful and loving approach to life and yourself will become your second nature that is accompanied by feeling uplifted and light. 


Part One and Two together are your winning formula.


Don’t miss out and book to solidify your shift. Book the Seminar and Meditation together for only AUD 159


The “Feel Amazing Every Day” seminars and meditation are currently being run online via Skype with one participant or a couple at a time. Upon booking, I will reach out to you via email within 24 hours to arrange a timeslot convenient for both of us.

In case of any questions, please reach out through our contacts page.

To get more out of your Healing Seminar

  • Make sure you are not disturbed
  • Prepare pen and paper 
  • Head phone set 
  • Find a comfortable place 
  • You might need a blanket and a glass of water 
  • Dim the lights