About Us - Aneta


Aneta was born in a village in the Carpathian Mountains in the south of Poland. She comes from a line of psychics on her maternal side, with both her mother and grandmother having psychic abilities. These gifts were passed on to her and she grew up with them.

Aneta came to Australia 10 years ago to practice traditional healing, sharing her gift to enable others to find their potential and fulfil their dreams.

Aneta offers energy and spiritual healing, spirit crossover, distance healing and space clearing. She speaks English, Polish and German.

About Us - Paul

Paul was born and grew up in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales. His family have been in the area since the mid 1800’s. Paul is well acquainted with the area and is attuned to its unique energies.

Having a long interest in healing, he studied spiritual healing with Alex Telman, one of Australia’s foremost healers.

Paul offers energy and spiritual healings, spirit crossover, distance healing and hypnosis sessions. He speaks English and German.

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